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pH Madness by Roger Bezanis

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Author, researcher, formulator, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, has spent the last 16 years of his life uncovering the true workings of the human body. His esoteric techniques of Diagnostic Face Reading, Energy Balancing Technique and amazing Fusion Symptom Analysis are revolutionary. When the trio are combined, they propel the user past all known tools available for diagnosing and healing the body. His book Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing has become an alternative health best seller. A must read for anyone wanting to approach full mastery of their body and health. Mr. Bezanis prides himself in being entirely self-trained and therefore has no allegiances, agendas or axes to grind in support for or against any system or dogma. His focus is strictly and precisely aimed at one thing,


After all, alkaline water machines are used as medical devices in Japan for the treatment of degenerative diseases, right? A few months ago I read Roger Bezanis’ book “pH Madness”. This book is a MUST read for anyone who is drinking alkaline water. Roger goes over the exact science of how our bodies work with regards to ingesting alkaline or acidic substances.

DRINKING ALKALINE WATER DOES NOT ALKALIZE A BODY. Read his book and you will get a full understanding of this. He explains what the electrolysis does to the molecules of water. “The molecules are in fact heat-jolted due to the electrolysis. The result is a fluid that has been disrupted and has flipped from an acid to an alkali………”

The ionizing / alkaline water treatment jolts the H20 with a burst of energy intensified and focused with reactive metals to create a fissure in the water structure. Precisely at that moment something else happens as well,. Similar to an electric chair, the liquid briefly cooks via electricity rupturing the cell matrix making small structures……”

Does this sound like natural water to you????? But what about all the people that have been healed of various ailments using this water? Yes, alkaline water does have its purpose for short periods of time for medical conditions. Before you drink another glass of alkaline water or entertain thoughts of buying a machine, read Roger’s book.

Then, you can make an informed decision on the benefits/hazards of drinking alkaline water.

Get “pH Madness” – and read it for yourself